United, We Mobilize

The results of the Presidential Election come tomorrow. And regardless of what happens we will have much work to do. As an Independent and believer in democracy voting is a major part of our fight for liberty. But voting alone does not a Democracy make. A Democracy is about the people.

The President of the United States at times is the result of the mood of our Nation. Donald Trump did not create racism and xenophobia, he just exploited it. Joe Biden will not be the end of our county's troubles; he will just be another person trying to execute a plan. Neither of these men are the heroes of our Country. If you have been waiting for someone to come and "Fix us" I am sorry to tell you no one is coming, because we are already here. We are the Heroes we have been waiting for...we have to save ourselves.

The work to create a Nation that truly represents the Declaration of Independence has been in progress for centuries. There have been Freedom Fighters all along that path and their focus has shifted with the mood of our country. The greatest activists have been nimble and ready to adapt to the ever-changing currents and that is what we must do today. I cannot predict what will come after November 3rd. However, I do know that the next day we will get up and we will continue our work.

Poverty will still exist.

Racism will still exist.

Homophobia will still exist.

Inequity will still exist.

Thus, our fight MUST still carry on. Depending on who is chosen the fight will look different we may be part of the resistance and/or part of the repair.

Either way, we must be ready to work in partnership with those like us and unalike, because little can be solved with

derision. We can't transform our community by just being individuals: United we stand, Divided we fall.

As a Nebraskan we see every season and even in the coldest winter there is sunshine. Winter is coming; however, it does not have to be all dark days ahead. We have the power in this moment. We can choose our destiny and how this City and State moves forward. If you haven't already, make your choices on November 3rd, that is step one. Then make your plan to ensure whomever is in office from your County Commissioner to your Congressman are upholding their responsibility to the people.

This is my ask of you today and everyday.

Speak up.


Challenge our leaders.

Get and stay engaged.

Learn about the issues affecting your community. That is what Democracy is all about. It's not Party Affiliation. Democracy is tough and requires constant vigilance. We need to rediscover how we rebuild Democracy. There is no road map for this. Each of us owns a part of this process and we have to take advantage of our power in it.

Democracy takes all of us. No one is coming to save us, because we can save ourselves.

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