District 3 opponents Endorse Cammy

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

In early November, two candidates for the District 3 City Council seat dropped out of the race, Craig Moody and Mark Vondrasek. Thus taking the candidate count down to 4. Both individuals dropped out of the race to endorse Cammy for the seat.

"Cammy is an exceptional candidate who has a great vision for Omaha. She has the experience and talent to lead the City and will bring a voice and perspective to the City Council chambers that has long been absent from the conversations" - Craig Moody, OPPD Board Chair

"Cammy has demonstrated in a short period of time that her leadership skills and her personal values are far superior than the current occupant of the City Council District 3. She is qualified, intelligent and welcoming. She has shown me that she is willing to listen and take in new information, and maybe even change her opinion based on that new information - this is a value mostly unknown to politicians and it is exactly the kind of character trait voters should want in their elected representatives." - Mark Vondrasek, Local Activist

Read more about Cammy and the remaining candidates here:

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