Meet Cammy

"During the coming period, our primary job will be to build community, to create community... even if we cannot see, in an immediate sense, the consequences of the work we are doing. It will matter eventually." -- Angela Davis

Camellia “Cammy” Watkins is a native Omahan who is ready and eager to serve the people of Omaha and to affect positive change in our community as a member of Omaha’s City Council. 


Ever willing to put her money where her mouth is, Cammy’s work on behalf of others began when, as a senior at Cornell College, she single-handedly produced a special concert performance of “The Rocky Horror Show” to benefit LGBTQIA+ youth. From that moment, her passion for advocacy was ignited and is represented in nearly two decades’ worth of work she’s done with not-for-profit organizations like Sierra Club, Habitat for Humanity of Omaha and, now, Inclusive Communities. 

Cammy has a long history of working behind the scenes to promote polices for our community and beyond. In 2010, she led the nationwide effort to increase energy efficiency in new housing stock. She also supported the work of Firefighters to install sprinkler systems in all new business and multi family housing developments. This work earned her national attention as one of Glamour magazine's 70 female eco-achievers, along side other environmental leaders such as Obama EPA director Lisa Jackson.

Cammy has helped over 100 families in Omaha realize the dream of homeownership and helped dozens more work towards ending the cycle of poverty through financial literacy and education.

Cammy has a proven track record of supporting employee's rights.  When serving as President of JML 100, an independent union of Sierra Club employees, she led the union through the recession in 2008 and a contentious contract negotiation that almost ended in a strike. Thanks to Cammy's ability to work collaboratively with management while remaining true to the needs of the workers, the negotiations ended amicably.  The wins gained for the staff during those negotiations provided greater job security and caused a ripple effect that still impacts the lives of Sierra Club employees today.

Cammy is the leader Omaha needs. Someone who is not afraid to get in the mud to advocate for policies and practices that may not be popular, but are necessary.  Cammy has consistently used her voice to elevate the conversation and raise issues for the betterment of the entire Community. Whether it is environmental sustainability, housing affordability or racial equity, Cammy has been on the front lines doing the work to build a more just society.


Photo © Davie Grams Photography

Cammy credits her mother, Lisa, with inspiring her strong work ethic; her mindfulness and spirituality around racial and social equity, and her dedication to the city of Omaha and its amazing people.


She’s a dynamic speaker, a loyal community partner, a proud Aunt, and a strong believer in humanity’s potential to come together for the betterment of all. This is the time to vote for a leader who is ready to put in the work!


"Cammy was one of the first people I met when I moved to Omaha three years ago. Since then we have partnered to bring current, critical conversations to the College of Saint Mary campus. One of the many things I appreciate about Cammy is her ability to listen. In her various roles, she has navigated the amazing and difficult range of human feelings, behaviors, and actions with grace and compassion. This small act allows those around her to feel seen, heard, and worthwhile. Our community is in dire need of someone who will listen with an open heart and translate that into impactful actionable items. I trust that Cammy will represent the interests of the people and work to provide more opportunities for our community."

--Alexis Sherman,

College of Saint Mary


"Cammy is a very talented organizer- both of people and events. I worked with her briefly as an employee of the Missouri Valley Group, but also as a volunteer in the Sierra Club. She is efficient at getting the task at hand done, and truly enjoys her work. Cammy knows just how to put the right person in the right job to make the event fall into place. In addition, she has an upbeat personality that makes working with her a great experience"

--Candy Bless, 

Community Alliance


"It was an honor to work with Cammy during our latest round of our John Muir Local 100 (JML) union contract that Cammy made sure was a successful campaign and contract with Sierra Club management. I would endorse Cammy basically because I got to work directly with her on a specific campaign and she is a great organizer. She served as the JML union president with strong leadership during challenging times and our union of Sierra Club staffers are better because of Cammy's work. Ya know...Obama started out doing the same thing Cammy does right now!! I'm not comparing, but I have seen her as a union president and she did a great job doing that. I have no doubt Cammy is capable of amazing things."

--Andy Bessler,



"I’ve known Cammy personally and professionally for five years. During that time Cammy has demonstrated a commitment to improving her local community and the greater Omaha area.  Cammy has the wonderful ability to quickly and easily build rapport and strong relationships with people from all walks of life. Her breadth of experience in the non profit world, the relationships she has built in the Omaha business community and her commitment to a fair and equitable Omaha would make her a valuable member of the Omaha City Council and the ideal person to represent District 3."

--Lachelle Rankins,

Project Harmony