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We've rolled up our sleeves and are ready to build a better future for Omaha together!

Introducing Cammy Corps

Cammy Corps is a group of passionate volunteers who are dedicated to making a positive impact in our community by working to get Cammy elected. In addition to supporting the Cammy for Council campaign, volunteers will from time to time also have an opportunity to support local grassroots and community organizations. Joining Cammy Corps is easy, you simply sign up using the form below and our volunteer coordinator will reach out when there are opportunities to volunteer.

If you work with an Omaha grassroots or community organization that would like to partner with the Cammy Corps, let us know at hello@cammy4council.com! We'll be happy to work with your team to get you the assistance you need to achieve your important goals.

"COVID provided an opportunity for us to shine a light on the disparities within our city.  Now that we are aware, we have a responsibility to work collaboratively to solve these issues.  It’s easy to just turn that light off and ignore these new realizations, but we are Omahans and we can do difficult things!"--Cammy Watkins